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“If anyone wants to know about Dr. Kaplove them pick up the phone and call me!!!”
- Earl Barroll

“I have been coming to Elana for about 3 years now. I used to have discomfort with the knots in my back. She made them disappear and every time I come to her I feel great. She knows exactly what she is doing; I can’t wait to come for my appointment. SHE IS THE BEST. Thank you!”
- Shalini Miriyala

“I have been seeing Elana& her dynamic team of healing professionals, for almost 2 years without, Back in Balance, my healing and prognosis would not be where it is today. Thank you for all you do, to help me feel better, every week since my accident.”
- Melissa Pierce

“Elana Kaplove is one of a kind. Elana deals with the physical and spiritual root. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplove and Back in Balance for any small or large condition.”
- Daniel Chasan

“Incredible care, patience and results.”
- Roy Schanke

“Back in Balance is an amazing chiropractic and holistic healing office with a truly talented staff. I recommend them to everyone I know!”
“I have been given the best care by Dr. Kaplove! The staff is friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to come into the office!!”
- Bryan Ballejo

“The people are great, treatment is God sent improved quality of my life, pain free, improved mental health.”
- John Uram

“I have been treated for neck and back pain since 1991 by the US Army & VA. When they referred me I was very skeptical (just another waste of time!). But, finally I see real progress. Thanks Back in Balance. ”
- James Peavy

“Staff is very accommodating with scheduling. Very satisfied with Dr. Kaplove and admin staff.Feeling 100% better since beginning therapy.”
- Bruce Miller

“I have been coming to Back in Balance for over a year now. The staff is wonderful and very caring.”
- Paula Occhipinti

“Dr. Kaplove is amazing, she is combining quality of highest professional care and kind person who care about everything she does.”
- Stan Sokolin

“I was referred to Dr. Elana Kaplove by the VA. For my S.I joint dysfunction. Not only did Dr. Elana fix my S.I. but a very painful knee problem as well. She is the most talented and effective chiropractor I’ve been to in my 30 years’ experience!”
- James Schultz

“After a session with anyone of the many healers at Back in Balance, I walk out as if I’m in the clouds.”
- Moshe Hadjadj

“When I first came to Dr. Kaplove, I was blown away! I told all of my friends about the wonderful care I received. Now it’s up to them, I feel great physically and emotionally. Thank you Dr. Kaplove!
- Michelle Santaniello

“When I started visiting the Doctor I was under extreme stiffness and massive anxiety. By going to her I have no anxiety and my stress level reduced. She is an amazing Doctor.”
- Shelia

“I think Elana does for my overall health, other Doctors fail to do.”
- Alice Senior

“I always feel loved and embraced by the staff, Elana, and David. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher for their kindness and effectiveness.”
- Bill Salmansohn

“Always a positive experience. I can’t say enough about Elana!”
- Leslie Zeitlin

“My injuries are deep and I appreciate the depth of your technique”
- Gene Feliciano

“Had a pinched nerve, lost feeling on left side all ‘pins and needles’, after a few months, now back to normal and I feel great!”
- Barbara Sonn Marcello

“Back in Balance is amazing, the things they have done for me mentally, physically and emotionally are absolutely phenomenal. Off the charts!”
- Shelly Waller

“Dr. Kaplove is amazing. I always feel better when I leave here”
- Diana Rubin

“Elana has treated me for a period of 6 years for various injuries and conditions with compassion, intelligence and understanding”
- Miron Leshem

“Dr. Kaplove reads the body like no one else!”
- Francine Hande

“I have been helped a great deal by YochevedHande and Dr. Elana Kaplove. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to feel better on every level- physical, emotional and spiritual.”
- Rina Edelstein

“My entire family has benefitted from visiting your practice. I have released many emotional barriers leading to pain. Dr. Elana’s approach taking the ‘whole’ system into consideration is unique and works great!”
- Sarah Melissa Ebbing

“Thank you for being so nice”
- Ruth Ankeny

“Both my husband, Richard Diamond, and myself, Dorothy Diamond, are patients of Dr. Elana Kaplove for over 3 years. It was a relationship that started by happenstance. She bought our old chiropractor’s practice and, we felt we would give her a try. The rest is history. I think the one view we both have of Dr. Kaplove is that she, and her entire office, make you feel, no, they actually believe fully in making you feel so much better after your visit then when you first come in. That is their primary and most important goal. As far as we are concerned, they have a 100% record of achieving that goal.

Richard & I have very different back and body issues. Once you are a patient of Dr. Kaplove, she evaluates your situation and designs a method of treatment for you as an individual. In this case, her office truly is a holistic environment well suited for the care of her patients. She surrounds herself with professionals well educated both academically, as well as, experience wise to provide a well rounded approach to the cure or at least, a reasonable fact simile for their patients. One example of Dr. Kaplove’s staff is Julene, office manager ’extraordinaire’. She juggles many different roles: either she is assisting Dr. Kaplove in administering pain relieving treatments or, she is in charge of the office staff and the endless task of running the administration of the back office duties. She always meets and greets the patient with a big smile and warm reception when she is at her desk. My husband is very fond of her weekly ultrasound treatments. All the licensed professionals take pride in their work, reach out to each patient giving them the ‘personal touch’ on the road to feeling better.

Skeptical as my children tend to be, both our daughter and son are patients of Dr. Kaplove. Our daughter, who lives in Manhattan, NY, makes sure she has at least two or three appointments with the doctor on all of her visits to us. My son lives in the area and contracted a severe case of ‘Bells palsy’ recently. The entire office offered their services to expedite the almost inevitable cure. He is extremely grateful for all they accomplished on his behalf.”
- Richard and Dorothy Diamond

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