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Meet The Practitioners

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    Dr. Elana Kaplove

    Clinic Director, Back in Balance; Intuitive Holistic Chiropractic Physician

    Holistic, Caring, Expert Treatment for Infants, Children and Adults for a wide range of symptoms, injuries, pain as well as preventive medicine. Utilizing numerous modalities including a variety of types of Chiropractic Adjustments, Homeopathy, Addiction Support, NET-Emotional Release, Nutrition, Orthotics.
    Dr. Elana helps the whole person; whether you are experiencing pain, emotional blockages, just feel ‘out’ or want to maintain your well being. She also assists with digestive issues and all types of stress. While chiropractors are generally associated with back pain, many are unaware that a cold, a headache, an earache, a twisted ankle and most forms of discomfort can be effectively treated with chiropractic and without synthetic medication. Regardless of your state of health, you can be healthier and more vital. Mother of 2.

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    Dr. Judy Bunce, AP, DOM

    Acupuncture Physician, Nationally Board Certified, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

    Dr. Judy is a Primary Care Physician focusing on finding root-cause solutions to chronic illnesses in her patients. She implements therapies based on cutting edge research in biochemistry and biophysics. Her insatiable passion for wellness therapies has spanned over 25 years and continues with ongoing research.
    With an extensive nursing background, she hold numerous advanced professional certifications - German biological medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology, functional medicine, allergy elimination (NAET), live blood cell analysis, iridology, laser facial rejuvenation, EAV (electro dermal testing – Bio Meridian)..
    Acupuncture (needle and non-needle), Natural Hormone Balancing, Chronic & Acute Pain Elimination, Iridology, Nutritional Support, Custom Homeopathic Remedies, Laser Therapy, Natural Allergy Elimination (NAET), B-12 Injections, Facial Rejuvenation, Bio Meridian – Electro dermal Screening, Detoxification Programs, Natural ADD/ADHD Treatments, Nutrition Package, Natural Weight Loss Program, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), RIFE & Vibrational Sound Healing, Blood Chemistry Profile & Analysis. Treating Adults & Children

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    JoAnn Karsten, LMT

    Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in Warm Bamboo Massage, Hot Stones, and Reflexology

    Jo Ann has over 25 years of experience in healing the body with her unique massage techniques. Her expert therapeutic massages are designed to heal the body by using natural warm bamboo and hot stones to relax tight muscles and relieve stress, tension, aches and pains. She focuses on Connective tissue, Myofascial release, & medical massage.
    She includes special salts and aroma therapy along with manual lymphatic drainage for circulation followed by reiki, universal and energy healing. She is very experienced in prenatal, Deep tissue, and therapeutic treatments as well. JoAnn also cleanses patients physiques with an enjoyable full Body Scrub in our state of the art steam room along with a scalp treatment using essential oils, she has is trained in Qi gong and uses the energies needed in her treatment’s. JoAnn was also a Licensed esthetician since 1975. She is a mother of 3 But has raised several children.

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    Dr. Eileen Yocheved Hande

    MA, LMT, CST: Licensed Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology

    Yocheved has over 20 years of experience in the Healing Arts of Massage, Bodywork and CranioSacral Therapy sets her apart as an Advanced Therapist. Through the integration of these Healing Therapies she is able to give you the Pain Relief, Relaxation and Healing you deserve!
    Offering Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Medical Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, CRT (Cranial Release Technique), Reiki Master Energy Healing and ETPS (Electro Therapy Point Stimulation). Through these modalities Yocheved will assist you to: Significantly release Muscle Spasms and Tension in the Neck, Shoulders, Back and Hips that may be causing TMJ, Sciatica, Migraines and Plantar Fasciitis; Promote Deep Relaxation throughout the Body which Enhances the Immune System, Increases Blood and Lymph Circulation, Significantly Increases the Oxygen levels of the body; address Injuries caused by Auto Accidents, Slip and Fall and Sports; reduce Post Surgical Swelling & Soreness; address Chronic Pain; Treat ALL Injuries including Head Trauma, Infants with Birth Trauma, Children with ADD; Stimulate the Acupressure Referral Points of the entire body; reduce Pain throughout the Body, while promoting a deep level of relaxation and well being. She is a mother of 3

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    Dr. Deborah Leveen

    Chiropractic Physician

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    Diane Siwek PT

    Physical Therapist

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    Krisztina Coleman LMT

    Licensed Massage Therapist