Back in Balance is FANTASTIC. First visit and my lower back pain is virtually gone. My visit here really emphasizes the importance of getting adjusted routinely. You only have ONE back. Make sure it’s a HEALTHY and ALLIGNED one! 😇😇😇 Extremely happy!

Andrew B 

An enjoyable experience! I enjoy coming for my visits. The doctor truly listens and does a great job helping me. Thank you.

Evan H

By far the most unique office I have ever been to for massage and or chiropractic. The entire staff is friendly, relaxed, and welcoming. Their services also exceeded my expectations. Very happy with Back In Balance, Boca Raton

Marshall S

Pain free and happy! I walked in with major back pain, and three weeks later I felt so much better. The Dr. uses several different techniques and works to get down to the root of the problem. She gives good advice on changes you can make outside the office too. The staff is warm and welcoming. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Megan S.E

Dr. Elana Kaplove did an amazing job giving me an adjustment today. My stiffness in my neck, upper, and lower back was immediately gone when she gave me a great alignment. Clean and beautiful office with a great staff to greet you. Wonderful scents throughout the holistic healing office, which is a fantastic environment to get your back aligned and more! Thank you so much!

Roman B

From the moment you enter the door you are met with loving kindness in a most professional yet soothing environment. There is no better Chiropractor, really, "Healer" being the more accurate title, than Dr. Kaplove. Dr. K leaves you feeling empowered, uplifted and inspired to face a new day knowing that what ails you can, and will be relieved with her continued treatments and care..

Diana R

Back in Balance is the only Holistic Chiropractic Practice I recommend. Elana Kaplove is so in tune with her patients and their needs - she is always improving her skills, her practice and her service. She is informed and makes sure you are as well. The Best!

Rita T

I came in to do a photo shoot of the place it is a very nice location as soon as I walked in the door I felt the positive energy even if I was working my body felt relaxed the whole time that I was there... I recommend this place for anybody that wants to try a new therapies, that wants to feel great, balance their energy ... I will be coming here often

Carolina S

Dr. Kaplove has been a blessing for my husband and I. Every time I am under her care, I leave in bliss. Feeling like new. I get a lot of muscle tension and spasms due to stress and she truly knows how to take care of my body so that I feel rejuvenated and renewed. I can’t thank her enough!!!

Zinnia A

Since the mid 80's I've been going to chiropractors from California (where I was stationed in the Navy) to my present location. While my entire history with the profession has been ,overall, very good, the care and treatment and services available have been, without a doubt, the best ever. I highly recommend Dr Kaplove and her holistic group.

Capt. B.F

I first learned of Dr. Kaplov when I was pregnant and having really bad back and hip pain. I went to hear and she helped me so much till the end of my pregnancy. Then, we went back with my husband for a problem he has with his lower back and she worked a miracle on his back. He was able to walk again!! We are so happy we came to back in balance. They are great with their scheduling, open latest, even Sundays.
Thank you can't wait to go back for an adjustment :)

Juliana M

I went to Back in Balance and couldn't stand up straight Dr. Kaplove was amazing and her staff and team of healers are second to none. I have moved out of the area temporarily but as soon as I get back I will be back at Back in Balance

Shelly W

I am not one to write online reviews, however, I am compelled to leave a review for Back in Balance as I
truly feel that Dr. Kaplove has been able to make a difference in resolving any back pain or tension I may have. I don’t know how she does it, but she has a way of pinpointing the stress points I have at the time of my visit and is able to relieve them with precision. That’s why I feel she is part magician! I really recommend Back in Balance if you need to relieve tension and stress with either an adjustment by Dr. Kaplove or a relaxing massage by any of the excellent massage therapists there. I cannot recommend them enough!

Rudy A

Dr Kaplove has always put the care for her patients at the of the list. Always felt welcomed and appreciated for being there. Their approach is more holistic healing, rather than pills, meds and such... Had the most excruciating pain in my neck ( nerve ), and didnt think it would ever get better. In just 2-3 weeks, i was literally pain free. Cant even explain how terrible nerve pain is... worst there is... I recommend Dr Elana Kaplove and her wonderful staff, Judy, etc 100%

Josh L

I have been a patient at Back In Balance for over 8 years. You will not find a more friendly and efficient office staff anywhere. They always call and give a friendly reminder the day before your appointment to let you know of your next day appointment. If you are in need Chiropractor, why not start with the best. Dr Elama Kaplove is great at listening to concerns, then diagnose your problem. You will extremely happy with the results of her practice. Dr Kaplove do NOT rest on her laurels, her is constantly attending hands on seminars so that her practice is always up to the latest procedures in the field of Chiropractic.

Christiane Q